November 9, 2022

INCS Action Endorsed Candidates Prevail in Illinois General Election

Chicago, Ill. – INCS Action celebrates bipartisan victories in both Illinois state House and Senate races during the mid-term election cycle. INCS Action, Illinois’ only statewide advocacy organization focused on improving access to high-quality charter public schools for Illinois families, marked its sixth election cycle in 2022 with new victories. In sum, 79 percent of INCS Action’s endorsed candidates won in the November election.

“As students and families recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, we need bold legislators who are willing to put Illinois families first,” said David Weinberg, Chairman of INCS Action. “Every child in Illinois should have access to a high-quality public school of their choice. Voters spoke loud and clear yesterday: they support this principle too.”

For nearly a decade, INCS Action has supported a bipartisan coalition of elected leaders who strongly believe in the potential of every child and stand up for families through support of high-quality charter public schools.

Most notably this election cycle, INCS Action paved the way to victory for Republican challenger Erica Conway Harriss in a narrow race for Senate District 56. This victory, coupled with INCS Action’s successful electoral work to support Democratic newcomer Willie Preston in the Senate District 16 open seat primary race, shows how dedicated advocacy work, aligned with strategic political investments, can build a strong, bipartisan coalition in support of charter public schools for Illinois students and families.

“Enduring change is most likely to occur when we bring coalitions of people together across difference and develop comprehensive solutions to our educational challenges,” said Andrew Broy, President of INCS Action. “In short, we believe in bipartisanship and we are working for a day when all elected officials, Democratic, Republican, and Independent, prioritize public schools and recognize how charter public schools add to the quality of public school options across Illinois,” Broy said.

For over two decades, charter public schools have provided critical high-quality public school options to students of color and low-income families across Illinois. Charter schools have increased high school graduation and college enrollment rates and pioneered innovative school models and practices to improve student achievement.

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INCS Action is a 501(c)(4) organization focused on engaging the charter school community in the legislative and political process, growing the coalition of charter school supporters and activists, and educating Illinois public officials on the impact of charter public schools.