March 24, 2015

Where does Chicago’s future Mayor stand on Charter Public Schools and Quality School Choice?

The future of Chicago’s public education system is a divisive issue in the Mayoral runoff election between Mayor Rahm Emanuel and County Commissioner Jesús “Chuy” García on April 7. Your vote will decide the future of our students and public schools. Learn more about each candidate’s position on charter public schools and giving all Chicago parents quality public school choices.

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Mayor Rahm Emanuel

  • “The mayor said he would work toward increasing the number of specialty neighborhood high schools, such as those offering IB and STEM programs, so all Chicago families would live within 3 miles of one of these high-quality choices. We have to give parents not just choice, but quality choice.” ¹
  • “The mayor’s position is that parents need to have the ability to choose a good school that works best for their child, whether that’s magnet, charter, neighborhood, turnaround or military school. And every school model, including charters, should be and is held to the same standard for accountability for performance.”²
  • “Emanuel wants to bring it back to give the best-led, best-performing schools freedom to innovate around curriculum and instruction and allocate resources for school specific needs…On charter schools, Emanuel said it’s not charters versus public schools, but quality versus non-quality.”³


Chuy County Commissioner Jesús “Chuy” García

  • “On schools, well, he’s the Chicago Teachers Union’s candidate. He would place a moratorium on new charter schools in Chicago. Higher spending, fewer options.”4

In Garcia’s own words:

  • “That is my reservation about charters, and they are draining resources from the existing neighborhood schools. They’re also taking some of the best students from neighborhood schools, attracting them to the charter schools.” 5
  •  “The schools have only become more strapped for cash year after year, the charter mania course that has been pursued by this administration has only made cash shortage more of a severity as it relates to many schools.” 6
  • “Charters long ago ceased offering anything new that public schools could utilize, particularly since teachers unions in today’s world have reformed significantly.” 7 


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