November 5, 2014

New Charter School PAC Claims Bipartisan Victories in Illinois General Election

17 candidates endorsed by INCS Action PAC prevail in elections: Candidates stand up for charter public schools and win their races.


Yesterday, INCS Action, a recently launched organization focused on improving access to quality schools for Illinois families through the legislative and political process, was victorious in its first Illinois general election. INCS Action supported candidates on both sides of the aisle who prioritize educational opportunity for all students and believe in the power of charter public schools to improve access to quality schools and raise academic achievement for all children.

“Yesterday’s election was critical to the futures of the tens of thousands of families whose children are directly benefiting from a charter public school in Illinois,” said David Weinberg, chairman of the INCS Action PAC.  “Attacks on a family’s right to choose a public school are wrong. These legislators and others are sending a strong message to the special interest groups in Springfield. You can stand up for families and public school choice and still win your election.”

INCS Action believes in elected officials and leaders who welcome new school models and allow families to choose a public school that best fits the needs of their child. INCS Action congratulates Illinois State Representatives, Anna Moeller (D-Elgin), Carol Sente (D- Vernon Hills), Scott Drury (D-Highwood) and Dwight Kay (R-Glen Carbon) on their important victories in the state’s general election.  All four candidates were supported by INCS Action Independent Committee (IC).

INCS Action PAC endorsed a total of 19 candidates in yesterday’s election. 7 Democrats and 10 Republicans endorsed by INCS Action PAC won their race.  With one race pending, results in House District 79 (Kankakee) are too close to call with the margin of victory currently at 24 votes in a race with more than 32,000 votes  cast.

“Access to a high-quality public education should not be limited by your zip code or family income,” said Adam Rogalski, director of government affairs for INCS Action.  “We applaud the voters yesterday whose voices spoke loud and clear as they demanded leaders who embrace equal educational opportunity. This elected bipartisan slate of candidates is committed to quality public school options, including charter public schools.”

Charter public schools are proving what is possible for students who need another option or who for too long have not reached their full potential in our public education system. In Chicago, 12 of the top 12 open-enrollment public high schools are charter schools based on ACT achievement. In fact, 70% of charter schools outperformed the Chicago Public Schools average for other open-enrollment schools on the most recent ACT. Studies show charter public school students in Chicago have higher high school graduation rates, college enrollment rates, and are more likely to persist in college.

Parents have received this message. The demand for charter public schools in communities across Illinois continues to grow.  This school year, there are 148 charter public school campuses in Illinois serving a record number of families in the state with nearly 62,0000 students enrolled.

List of Candidates Endorsed by INCS Action PAC
  • John Anthony – HD75
  • Mike McAuliffe – HD20
  • Mark Batinick – HD97
  • Deb Conroy – HD46
  • John Cullerton – SD6
  • Scott Drury – HD58
  • Sheri Jesiel – HD61
  • Dwight Kay – HD112
  • Andy Manar – SD48
  • David McSweeney – HD52
  • Christian Mitchell – HD26
  • Anna Moeller – HD43
  • Glenn Nixon – HD79
  • Chris Nybo – SD24
  • Ron Sandack – HD81
  • Carol Sente – HD59
  • Michael Unes – HD91
  • Barbara Wheeler – HD64
  • Jim Wozniak – HD71

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INCS Action Mission

INCS Action and its affiliated organizations, INCS Action PAC and INCS Action IC, were created in 2014 with the mission to engage the charter school community in the legislative and political process, grow the coalition of charter public school supporters and activists, and educate Illinois public officials on the impact of charter public schools in the lives of families and in communities across the state.  For more information on INCS Action, visit