March 3, 2023

Chicago Candidates Who Support High-Quality Charter Schools Win Election with INCS Action Help

CHICAGO (INCS ACTION)—INCS Action helped pave the way to Chicago’s aldermanic victories, with several endorsed candidates either claiming victory or earning a runoff. INCS Action is the political and advocacy arm of the Illinois Network of Charter Schools (INCS), an advocacy organization focused on the improvement of public education by establishing high-quality charter public schools.

“INCS Action is continuing its tradition of supporting political candidates who put school quality, rather than school type, at the center of their education agenda,” said Andrew Broy, president of INCS Action.

INCS Action-endorsed candidates who won their races include:

  • Ray Lopez, Ward 15
  • Stephanie Coleman, Ward 16
  • Derreck Curtis, Ward 18
  • Felix Cardona Jr., Ward 31
  • Emma Mitts, Ward 37
  • Deb Silverstein, Ward 50

Three endorsed candidates are in a runoff, with challengers in multiple-candidate races finishing in the top two spots. Endorsed candidates in a runoff include:

  • Monique Scott, Ward 24
  • Jessica Gutierrez, Ward 30
  • Gil Villegas, Ward 36

In anticipation of the municipal elections, “INCS Action interviewed each candidate, and our board made all endorsement decisions in line with those interviews and returned questionnaires.”

INCS Action has proudly been politically active in state elections since 2014.

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INCS Action is a 501(c)(4) organization focused on engaging the charter school community in the legislative and political process, growing the coalition of charter school supporters and activists and educating Illinois public officials on the impact of charter public schools.

For more information, contact:
Jodie Cantrell
Chief Public Affairs Officer, INCS Action
(291) 680-0715 |